Alyeska Roundhouse


The Alyeska Roundhouse was originally built in 1960 as the upper terminus of Chair 1 at Mount Alyeska. The building was placed on the National Historic Register in 2003. RIM’s connection to the Roundhouse project spans over a decade — RIM was involved in early concept planning in the late 1990s to restore the structure, and acted as the main interface with the NPS regarding its historical preservation. RIM continued the partnership by providing information for a business plan to fund the rehabilitation of the facility.

Overall, the project was completed in four phases: design, foundation and support construction, roof system and interior renovation and finally interpretive display. During the interior renovation and interpretive display phases, the large stakeholder group involved in the project, had their comments integrated into the design of the facility. The input received from stakeholders played a key role in the direction and execution of the design.

Role: Architect
Client: Seibu Alaska, Inc.