Pacific Buddhist Academy

Pacific Buddhist Academy (PBA), was founded in Hawai`i in 2003, and by 2010 they had outgrown their current location. With a goal to double their student population and continue to provide high-quality education, they needed a larger facility that aligned with their mission and values. As the first Shin Buddhist high school to open outside of Japan, and the first accredited Buddhist high school in the United States, PBA embraces Buddhist values while at the same time seeking a diverse student body. PBA’s core mission is to educate students through enlightened learning and peace practice, so that they may become active members of their community. RIM and the design team created a flagship facility that embodies PBA’s core values and provides a space for students and teachers to grow and flourish.

ROLE: Planning, Architect of Record, Interior Design, Construction Administration
PROGRAM: 2-story, 10,800 SF, classrooms, lab, multi-purpose rooms and Tea Room
CLIENT Pacific Buddhist Academy
photography Andre Brizzi